Quiz Lime


With Quiz Lime you can run a quiz with lots of teams. It's your regular virtual pub quiz made way better...

- As Quiz Master you get to run the show smoothly - see answers as they come through, and get emoji feedback 🚀. No more wondering if everyone's finished answering. You can create your own quiz or choose a quickstart quiz

- Players choose a team name and get a separate call for their table so they can discuss answers in teams without anyone else hearing them

- Answers get swapped at the end of the round and you mark another team's

- Add an entry fee and raise some money for charity while you're at it

Why did we create Quiz Lime?

Quiz Lime was born out of wanting quizzes to feel social again. Tom missed running a pub quiz for our co-working space, and nothing out there seemed to do the job for a virtual experience that felt truly social. We also realised we could help small charities who are struggling at the moment do a bit of fundraising.

How much does this cost charities?

From the amounts raised from each quiz, we take 20% + 20p to cover our costs. If you're a charity you can sign up with Time to Spare.

The Team


Tom Neill


Will Thompson





Contact us

Interested in what what we're doing? Fancy a chat? hello@quizlime.com